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This movie is one of the best films I have seen. It had fantastic cinematography, incredible acting, a great script and plot line. I went to the showing of this film about a father trying to find his little daughter, I had high expectations going into the film and was blown away by the results. You feel for every character in this film, each actor was able to make you feel what they felt. Yes the film is long, but if you're willing to sit through the entire ride you'll not be disappointed. I have seen many films by both Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman and, I have to say, this was their best career performance. Their characters were so strong and powerful, not taking anything away from the rest of the cast, Terrence Howard and Viola Davis were also fantastic, but Jackmen and Gyllenhaal blew me away. It is a tough film to sit through with some very disturbing images but if you like these types of intense dramas and you enjoy a movie that makes you think then please go. It's a fantastic film and hopefully will be one of the top of the year. I encourage everyone to go see it.

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