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Eagle Eye

Reviewed by Alexander86

Eagle eye is a movie where the words "Gone way too far" is
easy enough to say for the movie, but in way, i liked it.
We have Shia Labeouf, who i think is great at movies, plays
Jerry, a dude who gets mysterious messages from an unknown
tone of voice. He finds Rachael(Michelle Monaghon)and they
team up in a run from the law. Every mere milisecond of
the ride known as Eagle Eye is incredibly over the top, but
i liked the role of Rosario Dawson, for she was an interesting character. Billy Bob Thornton had no talent in
the movie what-so-ever. I found no interest in him at all.

And between all this we have the death of Jerry's brother,
Ethan. The movie got wacko at the end. Overall, the movie can
be a thrill ride, but will take you into a whole different
story. Eagle eye is a million stories put together.

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