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Live a day of the world

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I always knew that there are millions of people in all different parts of the world. I've always been aware of the existence of different ethnic groups. But I've never really thought about them, I've never got a chance to actually imagine how they live, how they start their day, what problems they face, what makes them happy, what they love or what they are scared of! Never...until I watched "Life in a day" directed by Kevin MacDonald. Do you know that amazing feeling when you leave a cinema theatre and start seeing the world around you through a camera? That's what I felt yesterday.

This film is made by people from different countries. They uploaded the videos of their 24th of July 2010. Just one normal day becomes unique if you watch it through the eyes of people from different continents, opposite sides of the world. And you realize that no matter how diverse we are and where we come from, whether we are doctors or farmers, black or white, college degree holders or never attended school we all have one thing in common - the constant search of happiness. And this movie proves that happiness is very close to you but sometimes you just don't see it.

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