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Sure to Make Your Skin Curdle

Reviewed by BeagleBoy

Just watched this movie last night. Following its conclusion, while walking out of the theater, all I wanted to do was choke the first person I encountered in the lobby.

I hate to make general statements, but this movie SUCKS! They should arrest the producer for its mind-numbing torture. We could replace waterboarding with this movie. Just force Al-Quaida to watch this garbage over and over, and they'll confess to anything.

I can't imagine that Robert Duvall would consent to being in this movie. Did he even read the script ahead of time? Maybe senility has set in... or maybe he just wanted to reprise his role as Harry Hogge in Days of Thunder (21 yrs later) - to guide an underachieving golfer (instead of a race car driver) this time around.

And if a poor movie is not enough for you, then how 'bout the religious indoctrination that writer David Cook attempts to subtly shove down your throat.

The only spoiler I can reveal to you is one thing: You'll be ready to jump out of your skin after the first 30 minutes.

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