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This Movie Was NOT what I was hoping for!

Reviewed by Blackshadow11

Well, it would have been OK, IF it matched the book even a little. Sence I read the book before I watched the movie, I thought the movie was HORRIBLE!

I would have liked it a lot better if they made a few changes. Ok, not a few..... A LOT! Some simple things I'll list here! First off, Percy and Anabeth in the book were about 12 - 14. In the movie they looked like 16-18 year olds! Another thing: In the movie LUKE faught Percy for the lightning bolt. Where did that come from? NOT the book, thats for sure.

There were also lots of cusswords that weren't in the book, as well as "love scenes" that were not in the book. And much of my favorite scenes fron the book were not in it, such as the time Percy jumped into the river off of the arch! And the little girl who saw him getting out of the river dry. Also the part about the credit cards they got in the hotel. The one they gave to the taxy driver.....

Over all, this movie was one I DO NOT recomend!

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