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Last Holiday

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This comedic movie is so full of laughs that it was bone wrenchingly funny!!!!! The plot, main characters, and directing are some of the most phenomenal I have ever witnessed. I am serious when I say this should be one of the best movies ever when they rate them. Starting with the plot. It is sad and funny together in the same story. It is sad because Georgia (played by Queen Latifah, my favorite) works at a department store and then finds out she has a rare brain disease and has 2 weeks to live. When she heard this she quite her job and went on vacation at Hotel Pupp in Czechoslovakia to have fun till she dies. She does all these crazy stuff (base jumping, winning millions, etc.), met famous people, plus much more. Along with the characters, Georgia Byrd is the main one who is diagnoses with a brain disease (found out later to be wrong) has such a strong and funny personality and also just makes you wish you were her. Finally, the directing was superb because it made us laugh, cry, love, and forget and not many movies have the power to do so anymore.

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