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I usually don't go see musicals but instead wait until they come to DVD, but after all the media hoopla surrounding this and of course, friends telling me about it, I said why not, and went to see it. My thoughts. Electrifying, tremoudous, stunning entertainment with a great cast that complemented each other. The singing was fab-u-lous, the acting terr-i-fic. Great entertainment from beginning to end. Jennifer Hudson proved she is a singer whose vocal chords can stand up to the best. As for acting, if this is her first movie, she is a natural; definitely, oscar worthy acting with a great voice "What da ya think of that..SIMON!" Why this young lady was not given a contract after being booted off American Idol puzzles me, but she is on her way now. And rumor has it, they plan to do a revival of the broadway play with Miss Hudson re-creating her role as Effie; if this is true I'll get in line for my tickets. But enough. Words cannot do her justice. You have to see her perform. As for Eddie Murphys' Johnny Thunder, best performance I have seen from him in a while. From his want to be Slick Rick womanizing self, his crooning soon to be gyrating antics to his first all white audience to his final James (Hit Me) Brown rap; I can see why these two were nominated. Just their performances is enough for me to recommend people to see this movie. I feel they will not be dissapointed. With eight Academy nominations, why it didn't receive a nomination for Best Picture also puzzles me; but nominations don't make a movie; a superb cast, good directing, acting, etc. does it and this movie brings it to the table. On another note, marty19 posted 28 days ago ask about the Supreme that left the group. A brief history: If I can recall, I think it was Mary Wilson, one of the original backup singers that started the group with her two friends Diana and Florence Ballard. Marty19 may be referring to Florence. Florence was eventually kicked out of the group and ended up being replaced by Cindy Birdsong. Florence eventually ended up on welfare and Diana was criticized for not coming to her aid, after all; knocking boots with Barry Gordy, this got her top billing "Diana Ross & the Supremes" and extra ca ching in her pockets. I cannot comment if Diana ever came to her aid, but sad to say, Florence is the Supreme who died in poverty.

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