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Vantage Point

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By Anonymous Student
Targeted audience: People who have not seen the movie yet.

The action packed “Vantage Point” is one of the most exhilarating and suspenseful films I have seen in a while. How many times have you heard several different explanations over one single event that has occurred and didn’t know which one was most accurate?

Vantage Point takes place at an anti-terrorism conference in Salamanca, Spain. The president of the United States is giving a speech at the rally, with body guards at his side, when supposedly he is shot from a distance…or was he?

The movie was made to show the unfolding of the terrorist attack from several different characters point of view. Starting with the news crew covering the event to the terrorists themselves who planned the attack, each point of view reveals new information about the incident putting all of the pieces to the big picture together.

Starring Dennis Quaid, William Hurt, Matthew Fox, Forest Whitaker and many more outstanding actors, “Vantage Point” is an exciting action packed film that we kill you on your toes. From lots of gunfire and explosions to high speed car chases, “Vantage Point” won’t leave you unsatisfied.

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