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I just recently saw this movie (last night to be exact). And besides the fact that I was really in the mood for an action that night, I still vividly enjoyed it!

The basic plot of the movie was set completely at a strict, high class, catholic school. The main characters were Sister James (Amy Adams), Sister Aloysius (Meryl Streep), and Father Brendan Flynn (Philip Seymour Hoffman). Sister James was suspicious that one of the boys was being sexually abused by the priest, and told Sister Aloysius, The very stereotypical principal of the school. Sister Aloysius imediatly acused the priest, but Father Flynn said that he was just helping the boy get by, for he was the first african boy to the school.

I found the movie pretty predictable but still quit enjoyed it. It also helped that Philip Hoffman was in it because I admire him as an actor. Even though the plot should say otherwise, I was never really bored of this movie and found it not to be to slow.

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