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Good Action Flick

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I really enjoyed this movie; after accepting the story line, I noticed that at the beginning of the movie, the Motor start pulling a group of cars without the Brake Pipe being connected from the lead Motor. This means that all the cars had full brakes applied, so how could the Motor pull them out of the track so easy? Also, any engineer knows that the only way that he can leave his cabin of control, is when the Brakes are set, and the Reverser is removed from the console. In this movie, the engineer should have gone to Jail, after being Fired. I'd also like to know how a train can run over the De-Railers and still stay on the track? But all things considered, I still say that I enjoyed this movie; even though the Producer or Director should have learned more about the braking system of a train, so that it could have been more like Real. I've had 35 years of working with trains so, naturally I was looking for the technical issues as well. Again I say that it was a good Movie.

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