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127 .. hoUrs.. shine of James franco...

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A PrEEty Good FIlm... full of adventures... and a very good description.. of the character..!.. fun loving ..adventurous strong guy.. whu..go for utah. a regular tracker... trraps himself.into that place.. bcoz of a rock.. n the conditios feeligs beig comi out.. through that guy ..the thoughts.. n the way he spends.. his 127 hours.with his hand stuck..bcoz of that rock.. his practises of being released..but at end had to cut his hand,.. also after beig hopeless to be alive..but stays.. alive i end.. after cuttig his hand .. the screenplay is quite good..n the camera agels.. r too awesome.. to be loved.. involves u i the film...i say a must watch an wud give an idea.. movie made. with an weak plot point ..(story.)but excuteds in an awesome manner.. just ..loved the character being played by james franco.. just he was flawless. AHHH...expresions just increased his one more fan..

really luved it..

-Henil sanghvi

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