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28 Weeks Later

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"28 Weeks Later" was a great surprise hit for me, someone who wasn't really a fan of the original "28 Days Later." The first 10 or so minutes of this film are really what movies today need to grip the interest of the viewers. The ideas in this movie are excellent and sometimes it seemed the movie itself was a filler written around three or four great scenes, which you will definitely remember.
The plot was pretty realistic, something very rare for a horror movie. I felt like the gore was kept under control maybe with the exception of the wife's reunion with her husband. There really wasn't that annoying character so many movies today seem to have and the movie had a lot of suspenseful scenes not involving the zombies. The military presence in this film was not protrayed as heroic, but more as a display of human flaws.
The music in this film is as great as the music was in the trailer for "300." It really sets the mood and I honestly couldn't wait to hear it again later in the film. In fact, I've already heard it ripped off in the trailer for "I Know Who Killed Me." This movie had a lot of nice touches like that.
Now for the criticisms: This movie was shot in frantic motion much like the first one. Sometimes it was unclear what exactly was happening. It was very dark in some scenes, but I think these were elements of the style and not a true problem. There were a few unrealisms, but not incredibly obvious ones. I thought they did a good job with the armed forces in the decisions they would make if this were real. This movie was dark in nature and could be considered depressing if you expect the main characters to ride off into the sunset.
Go see this movie if you're a horror fan, especially if you're not too wild about the first film "28 Days Later." This may be strange advice but it's almost if somebody said, "Okay, now we have the money and the ideas to do this next one right." There are a few great surprises here. Plus, it's more americanized than the original, which is a good thing for this movie. Well done.

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