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I expected much more from this movie.

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[This review contains major and minor spoilers!!!!]
This movie did not meet up to its potential. In the first part she never has to reload, and does not even attempt to hold her weapons in any realistic fashion. I did not like the idea of clones because it made it seem like they did not even matter and did not hold any part in the movie after the first part of the movie even though the third movie in the series led up to that point where she finds them making you believe that they would actually make a big difference. *spoiler* And I believe they could have chosen a better attitude for Wesker. He did look like him but did not make him out to be the bad-ass he really is in the game series. Although they way they defeat him is humorous it should have had a more dramatic battle. I hated the fact that Alice was the one to finish him but I suppose that it is only fitting since she is the main character for the movie series. I do not believe that the makers of the movie series should incorporate any more "game characters" into their movies. The ending was absolutely horrible. It was like watching half a movie. It was trying to have a cliff-hanger ending but instead led to a major disappointment.

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