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The film "Twelve" is very watchable!

Reviewed by Jana

The movie "Twelve" by Joel Schumacher is a film about the new drug: "Twelve", problems in teenagers life and drug addiction. The main character White Mike becomes a successful drug dealer after his mother's death. Fast he gets better and is a really good drug dealer. But his friend Molly does not know anything of it. In the film there is a lot of violence, hatred, and family problems. Some characters embody this. The film takes a surprising twist and suddenly the director shows how dangerous teenagers behavior could be.

The main theme of the film is a very interesting theme. Drug addiction is in our society a general problem. But nobody wants to talk about it. Joel Schumachers idea that drug addiction becomes the focus of attention is good implement. He captures the misbehavior of the teenagers exacting.

A bad aspect of the movie is that you cannot understand the movie if you haven't read the book before. It's a difficult theme. For example all the characters who are in the book, like Molly, Sara, Chris or White Mike. The film has not so much information about all their lives. Joel Schumacher leave out all those things and focus on the drug addiction.

A good aspect of the film is that there is a good beginning and ending. You can see how the story between Molly and White Mike goes on. The music supports this. It counteract the feelings. When the characters feel happy, there is a nice music. When there is a lot of violence the music is scary.

All in all the film is really good. But after you watch it, you have to know more about the main problem and about the characters. The film is livelier as the book and not boring. When you watch it, you cannot stop watch it. It is too interesting. The end is a bit dramatic, but the end is the climax of the action. The film "Twelve" is very watchable!

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