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In the opening credits of this film we see a 16 year old girl walking the sidewalk downing a jug of sunny d. as i watch perplexed, i think to myself that this is a very unique opening, as she walks there is a track playing in the background that can only be described as indie and it suits the film so well. as i continue to watch i realize that the intro isn't the only thing original, its the whole movie. the dialogue is fresh, the satire bristling, and the performances are some of the best this year. granted the ensemble multiplies the quality.

the cast is great ellen page, who was unforgettable in the provocative drama, hard candy, stands out again as a teenager, who, despite the pregnancy, is able to display a level of cool that hasn't been shown since ferris bueller. michael cera, fresh from superbad does his shy guy routine which would be boring if his quirks weren't so endearing (i.e. orange tic tacs, shaving his inner thighs). jennifer garner is fantastic as the uptight, serious, controlling wife of jason bateman who so desperately wants a child. jason batmean, who was the reason y i came to the movie, is the complete opposite of his wife as the fun loving, cool, commercial jingle composer who wins the audience over then quickly loses their respect by his irresponsibility (you'll see). j.k. simmons plays the understanding father figure while allison janey kind of dupes him by being even more compassionate. when an ultrasound techinician questions juno's parenting skills janey takes her head off in a way that left me touched and exhilarated at the same time. even the extras are great, juno's best friend played by olivia thirlby is hilarious as is the counter girl at the abortion counter and rainn wilson as the conevient store clerk.

jason reitman was great with his directoin in the satirical Thank You for Smoking but he easily out does himself in this masterpiece. the sets are a perfect reflection for each character's personality. as i said earlier the acting is top notch. the innocence of juno and bleaker making love brought me back to my own first time. each actor brings their own spice to the film but none are as overpowering as the other, except for maybe juno, but let her have it. a cool chick like that deserves the spotlight.

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