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Wow. I had been waiting for this movie since July of 2007. I saw it on the first day it came out after too long a wait on 01-18-08. I have to say that this is without a doubt one of my favorite films of all time.

The first twenty minutes is without action and is used to show our characters. Some may find this aspect of the film boring, but I did not in the least. In fact, it helps up the horror in the film and the suspense. It's also great for when you drag your best friend into the theater and he has no idea what this film is about.

Once the electricity goes out at Rob's place, the film never let's up. The monster is amazing and profoundly original. The characters and their acting is great. And the film itself is a genuine classic in my book.

The so-called problems some people have with the film are the aspects that I find so intruiging. Not only was this film unique in its presentation with a hand-held camera, but its marketing campaign is something to be admired. Viral videos advertising the film and giving clues and insights can be found all over youtube and on the dvd itself in hidden easter eggs.

Don't know what the monster is or where it came from? Well, let me SPOIL it for you: The monster is a nocturnal-like (almost resembling a mix between a bat and an amphibian), possibly prehistoric animal that has lived beneath the dark oceans for God knows how long. When a satellite from Slusho! (the Japanese company that Rob is leaving for) crashes into the ocean miles away from Coney Island, the monster is awakened. This event is shown in the film, briefly, at the very end (Rob and Beth are finishing their day at Coney Island when, out on the ocean, a small object can be seen plummetting into the blue, which is the out-of-orbit Slusho! satellite). Also, the monster has not reached adulthood and is most likely an infant of its kind, a lone survivor from extinction perhaps. After its awakening, the creature swims its way to New York City, therefore leading to the events of the film.

There are many other theories and speculation as well.

All in all, this may very well be my second favorite movie ever. 5 stars hands down.

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