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You will not regret seeing the film :)

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In my opinion the movie “twelve”, which was directed by Joel Schumacher in 2010 is really worthwile to watch. I like the movie very much, because you get to know another differently everyday live from the kids in the Upper East Side and their teenage problems with drugadicction and partys.

In the movie it is very well presented how drugs react to the behavior and relationships between unsuspecting Molly and her best friend White Mike, who secretly sells drugs for example, or change their live. Jessica is addicted at this new popular drug, called twelve and offers sex to the drugdealer Lionel to get this drug at a party.

In addition it is very interesting to follow the process how lonlyness and exclude leads to an dangerouse state of emergency. In the movie Claude is an outsider in his family and nobody is interested in him just in his brother. You might see that Claude is very violent and aggressive and shoots at the party. In comparison with the novel, which was written by Nick McDonell, the film-director shows these process in his movie very well, so the viewer might understand and retrace that behavior better

Furthermore it is excited that the director uses so many different characters. First it is a little bit confusing, but you get a big overview to all situations and get to know many points of views, so you might form your own opinion. Also all these characters show clearly and reflect the live in the Upper East Side, so viewers might imagen better their daily live.

To sum it up, the way how teenage problems are shown in the movie “twelve” is made interesting and excited. In comparison with the novel the scenes are shown more realistic, so you could understand them more clearly. All in all you will not regret seeing the film!

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