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Horrible movie.

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I am sorry to say this but I thought that this movie turned out horribly! I have read this book 3 times and I don't think that the producers followed the book hardly at all. The place where the sink hole was belonged to the Flanagans not Ruth's family in the book. Susie didn't really have a huge crush on Ray, he was the one who was mooning over her. When Susie gets to heaven she meets Franny before she meets Holly. I also saw that they "forgot" to put in the mother's affair with the detective, that the neighbors dog found Susie's elbow, the father had a heart attack and Susie and Ray almost kiss in the auditorium. The times were wrong too. Susie's mother leaves after the dad attacks the young couple, Mr.Harvey gets rid of Susie's body almost 2 days after he kills her, also Susie's father suspected Mr.Harvey when he was helping him make a memorial wedding tent a week after the murder. I was dissapointed when the producers didn't show the memorial for Susie, the mother's affair with the detective, more of Lindsey and Sam's relationship, Ray and Ruth's connection, or at least more of Buckley. I literally shouted at the screen when Susie went into Ruth's body. That part was supposed to happen on the roadside beside Hal's(Sam's brother) bike shop. Then "Susie" and Ray were to go in the bike shop and make love. That was one of the things that Susie wanted to do in heaven. Seriously if you've read the book then don't waste your time or your money watching this movie. Buy the book you'll be much more satisfied with that purchase.

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