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Bio: My name is Kevin Carney, I'm a 22 year old from the suburbs outside Boston, Ma. I'm not afraid to say that I love movies, from the artwork, to the acting. Whenever the lights go down and the curtains open up, I become a kid in a candy shop.

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Better than expected

Reviewed by Kevin Carney

Escape Plan is one of those movies you can simply view as a guilty pleasure. It isn't that well written or acted, it's very generic and poorly plotted, but it has charm. That charm and some of the very well executed action and witty dialogue between Stallone and Schwarzenegger carry the film through its over wise forgettable plot. Curtis '50 cent' Jackson is extremely miscast as a brilliant hacker on Stallone's crew and stumbles with th source material. Which was actually a shame, considering how much he ha grown as an actor. Jim Caviezal is very enjoyable as the bond villain lie Willard Hobbes, providing a fantastic antagonist. In the end, Escape Plan is a fun, B movie worth seeing.

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