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The film “Twelve“, which was directed by Joel Schumacher in the year 2010, deals with rich kids living in the Upper East Side of New York, who take drugs.

We were busy with the novel and the film in our English lessons, so I can say that we know the film very well. And that is why I want to share my opinion about it in the following paragraphs.

In my opinion the film is very good, because it is realistic. It shows how the rich kids , who have nothing really to do and have a lot of problems, try to forget them by using drugs.

Also it shows how dangerous drugs are, because they make people addicted. You will do everything just to have that good feeling ,which you have when you are using drugs. Like Jessica who offers sex to Lionel, because she has not got enough money for buying drugs.

Another point is that the films shows very well how important the love of parents for the behaviour of teenagers is. For example the behaviour of Claude, at the end of the film he goes crazy and kills a lot of people at his brothers' party. Because he can not take it , that he was always the bad one and his younger brother Chris the good one. His parents always loved Chris more than Claude. His mother even throws Claude out of the house and does not permit Chris,to spend time with his older brother, because she is scared that he will end like Claude.

In general the film Twelve is in my opinion very good, because it focuses on important problems in the life of teenagers who seem to have everything but infact they do not even have the basic of life: love and happiness.

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