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Spectacular movie with classic story and bad scenario

Reviewed by KristianBK

The story is similar to the stories in usual this (kind of movies) movies. So this didn't suprised me much. Bad acting and bad scenario, but the main reason for 4 star rating are all these legends who came together and made an epic movie. The movie makes you laugh and smile all the time. The previous one wasn't so epic, because we saw just Stallone all time and other (not so legendary) actors. Just because of actors, this is movie is one of a kind and we wont see this kind of movies very often. I think we'll just have to wait another 40 or more years and then new legends will make a new movie, but Norris, Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Van Damme and Willis are legends who will never be forgotten. This movie says goodbye to all these legends and I say goodbye to all them too.

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