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Knocked Up

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Most comedy movies tend to use raunchy material, and fail miserably. For example date movie, school for scoundrels, and scary movie 2. These directors must realize that there is more depth to comedy than simple dick and fart jokes. True comedy films such as American Pie, Fast Times at Ridgemount High, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. These comedy films have substance, moral value, and they are just down right FUN. Seriously, when i came out of date movie I WAS HEATED(damn those promotional values are T-R-I-C-K-Y. Then there was that GOD awful Scary Movie 2, how can a sequel from a perfect spoof predecessor be so bad; by adding obscenity to gain laughs, not to mention the fact that the first one spoofed films in "our" century and this lame dud spoofed movies that were 20 years or older; oh Mr. Zucker WHY!!!!.
Luckily, i have come to the conclusion that in order to relive the comic gems in AP and FBDO, there is one man that makes it all possible; JUDD APATOW. Judd Apatow is the most consistent, determined, and intelligent comedic director. In 2005, I was honored to witness The 40 Year Old Virgin, which at the time was my favorite comedy movie; it had over the top humor, feel good. "one-liners", and at the end of it all made me realize "Holy S*** man I've Got to Get On That". HAHA, great one liner. Then he expanded the success of his debut film, and blessed the film industry with KNOCKED UP. Which is raunchy, but succeeds through Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl, and Paul Rudd. This film is absolutely hilarious, because the "one liners" make you erupt in laughter, the gags are priceless, and when i say comedies these days need substance boy does Knocked Up hit the bullseye.
Knocked up stars Seth Rogen, he plays Ben Stone, the laziest and coolest character of 2007. Ben parties with his brews and bros and his "bush". That's right Ben and his pals have invested in their own website called, which they have added clips of hot celebrities in their most regrettable scenes involving bush, tush, and boobs. While they are off investing in a site that has already been made, we see the world of Allison Scott, who is far more focused than Ben and works at E entertainment studios. With her hard work and determination she has been promoted to Hollywood reporter,and decides to celebrate the best way she knows "AT the BAR". It just so happens that our lovable loser Ben Stone is there also. UH OH Ben meets Allison, Allison wants to dance with "Ben', and they both want each other, because lord knows how long Ben's been waiting to go sex nuts and retard strong, and Allison with her busy life, has been limited as well. Then they head over to Allison's humble abode and "knock boots". 8 months later all hell breaks loose as Ben "could be a father". How does Ben react?, How is Allison feeling about a pothead raising a child?, IT WILL ALL BE CLEAR ONCE YOU SEE THE FUNNIEST MOVIE EVER MADE; KNOCKED UP!

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