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the movie “Twelve” is recommendable

Reviewed by Manuel

In my opinion, the movie “Twelve” is recommendable and I think that the director Joel Schumacher has done a good job altogether.

One aspect of the movie that I like is that all the characters that are connected to White Mike are presented in succession, but they are all at the big party at the end of the movie and the story is finally dissolved, that is why the excitement of the viewer is kept in the whole movie.

Furthermore I like that the director does not foreshadow as much as Nick McDonell does in his novel, so the final of the story is more surprising and not as predictable as in the book.

Lastly I like the good quality of the camera and the actors in the movie.

All in all I think that the movie “Twelve” is good. It is not my favorite movie, but I would still recommend it. <3

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