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The movie “Tron: Legacy”, was directed by Joseph Kosinski and was released in theatres on December 17, 2010. “Tron; Legacy” is an action based science fiction genre and was shot in digital 3D. The movie’s main actors were Jeff Bridges as Clu and Kevin Flynn, Garrett Hedlund as Jeff Bridge’s son Sam and Olivia Wilde as Qourra. The movie was filmed in Vancouver British Columbia and many aspects of the city are captured in the film, such as Lions Gate Bridge. The movie’s plot is based on the previous movie Tron, which was released in 1982 and won an Oscar for Special Effects. The main plot deals with Kevin Flynn having disappeared before he was on the break of an epidemic discovery of transporting humans into the digital world or grid as he called it. Kevin Flynn was the CEO of ENCOM International which when he went missing left the company to his son Sam. When Kevin’s old college gets a page from Kevin’s old number, he has suspensions and indicates to Sam to go check out the scene. Once Sam checks out the scene he discovers an underground office where he gets transported into the world of Tron the video game. Here he has to play many games that threaten his life drastically but provide intriguing special effects and visual images. The computer images in the movie were so crisp that it provided a sense that we were in the future. In addition, all the clothes , vehicles and music was that of the futuristic age and that is why the genre is based on science fiction and action. The movie was also shot in a digital universe which created the sense of a perfect future which also falls in the line of science fiction movies. The plot then thickens when Sam finds his dad and helps him escape the world in which he is trapped in by Clu and save the real world by doing so. Clu has taken over the digital grid in which Kevin created and now held Kevin hostage. The acting was very well done by all the actors and really did provide a sense that we were among the digital grid and were playing the same games that they were. Daft Punk, very well-known house and techno DJs, created the entire soundtrack for the movie which was very futuristic and added drastically to scenery and events which unfolded throughout the movie. The movie was also a great predecessor of the first Tron movie which created an epidemic in special effects when it was first released. I really enjoyed the movie and I would recommend it to anyone I know. Watching it in 3D also created a greater creation of the digital world and kept me intrigued as the plot thickened.

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