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Worthwile to watch it.

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The grand finale of Nick McDonell's book Twelve is one of the most powerful and successful buildups I've ever experienced. After an entire story of fairly tranquil moments, McDonell absolutely blows the reader away with an astonishingly gripping conclusion. The movie, directed by Joel Schumacher, has also a climax at the ending and shows good the story of the book.

In the action itself, the current boys make an appearance, everything from playing in the closed universe of rich high school kids at the time of Spring Break, where you can get out to sow. Or at least tried. A round of parties and starts looking for sex, friendship and lost by death, peeking around the corner. Since the dealer White Mike, the main character and a link to another world, represented by the pure, innocent Molly, who loves him and he concealed his dealer job, there are junkies and major drug traffickers, as are young rich snobs and arrogant bitches, and there is a new drug called Twelve, which gave the film its title, but hardly the center of attention.

In my opinion it is good, that Joel Schumacher uses so much characters in the book. They all different but nevertheless they are almost all the same. They concentrate of partys, drugs and sex. The topic of the film is clear but it is a problem for the viewer to follow all of them. You can not concentrate of all of them and it's a big confusion.The only person we truly get to know is White Mike. We know his feelings and his thoughts and also what happend in the past but only of White Mike. I think that is a bit sad.

Only by the voice commentary, which explains and connects all in the film, you can imagine about the feelings of others.

Also I like a lot the way Joel Schumacher plays with the camera settings. He uses many different for example when Jessica takes the new drug twelve he fuzzy the camera. By these settings he takes the spectators to the movie and shows the atmosphere, which he want to created in the scenes. Also the background music fits well.

It is a mix of different genres and that is also what it makes so worthwile to watch it. To sum it up the movie presents the teenagers from the Upper East Side and their problems very good. But in my opinion there is a bit to much violence and it is exaggerated.

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