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Stephen Dorff has been absent from our screens since the late 90's, th

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Directed by Sofia Coppola (daughter of Francis Ford Copolla,The Godfather, Apocalypse Now) 'Somewhere' appears to be a very personal film, perhaps reminiscent of Sofia's own childhood, or how it could have been, as daughter of a powerful Hollywood Director, who may have been largely absent from her life.

Sofia's films are distinctive, slow paced and thoughtful with long close-up's and unobtrusive soundtrack's, with the soundtrack on this film used to great effect as it provide a narrative for the end of the film. Patience is required to watch Sofia's films and if you let yourself go, you can slowly immerse yourself into the story she chooses to tell.

A pop culture icon of the 90's, Stephen Dorff has been absent from our screens as of late.

Famous for his first role in 'The Power of One' and equally famous for his role of the unknown Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe in 'Backbeat', in this film he plays Johnny Marco a self-absorbed and irresponsible Hollywood actor. Living in the Chateau Marmont, Johnny wiles his days away, spending money on booze and women. Every so often he drags himself out of this slumber to attend the carefully choreographed meetings and appearances that he dutifully fulfills in his role as the Hollywood actor. His daughter Cleo (Elle Fanning, younger sister of Dakota Fanning) suddenly re-enters his life, when she is indefinitley abandoned by her mother. We watch as Johnny reconnects with his daughter forming a caring relationship which prompts him to question his life, which up until this point has been empty and aimless.

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