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I was in a mood for action movie so I went to see this movie. After watching it for 10 minutes I had to leave.I have seen hundreds of movies past 4 decades and I am sorry to say that this has to be the worst. I am from a generation which saw music industry change when MTV started.You no longer needed to be able to play well and have good lyrics .Few catchy vulgar words and tune that sounds like it is from children's song was all needed to get some exposure and make serious money.Dire Straits made a song about this " Money For Nothing".I am sad to see the movie industry is following the same formula than music industry did.Artistry out of the window and cater for teenagers any kind of garbage for maximum profit. Movie started with action scene and explosions with very restless camera filming.I think there is a study that with teenagers you need to change the image every 1-2 seconds to keep them focused.This kind of filming is more suitable for persons with ADD.To mahe characters tough the use of word Fu-- seems necessary in every sentence. I was shock to see that a highly rated actress like Kyra Sedwick was in this movie.I have a teenager , 17-year-old daughter at home and consider myself being well tuned with teenagers. I feel sorry for them.I can pull movies and CDs from my shelf which I can watch/listen for years.How many of the teenagers can say the same of current movies/music.Is this movie the kind of crab the Hollywood wants to feed them and is it really all about the money ?. Lionsgate I feel sorry for your investors .

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