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A zombie film that even non zombie film fans will enjoy

Reviewed by Picture Neko Kaeru

I start this by saying that I am in no way a zombie film fan sure there is a few I like but overall they are just not my thing that being said this one is different I went into this film expecting the same old slow walking zombies with no story to speak of what so ever. In the first few minutes its easy to see this is different we meet Brad Pitts characters (Gerry Lane)family and the story begins and with each new character a new little story unfolds all joining together to create a great story which is highly enjoyable. The twist and subplots are enough to entice you in and even I have to say the zombie action ties in quite nicely to make a film which appeals on many levels. Now sure I could have given you a rundown of the film but that's not my thing I just know what I do and don't like and for me this film goes beyond like I absolutely love this film Brad Pitt is superb and this film is worth a view or more. 3d was how I first saw this and recommend that format for each and every viewing don't just take my word for take a look yourself and be amazed I was

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