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Do anything but spend your life watching this movie

Reviewed by NewGuy

The movie is 1:28:54 and I started writing this review at 1:07:13. I signed up for this site while watching because this movie was SO BAD that I had to prevent anyone else from wasting as much time as I have already wasted. Driving over myself with my own car in slow motion would be less painful than what I've already endured in watching this movie. My favorite parts were the commercials that Crackle inserted between scenes. This movie is uninspiring, un-gripping and unconvincing. For a horror movie, it wasn't even startling. Character development was laughable. The fake, bloody, dismemberment scenes are so poorly done that they are neither horrifying nor funny. If it is going to suck, at least make it funny! Okay. I'll stop now. Go watch something else.

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