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This film makes me hate americans and bigelow

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Bigelow is your typical American feminist who quietly enjoys being a woman inside the world of macho men. Like a giddy prom queen whore inside the football locker rooms, she has gained some room to revel around in Hollywood. It's quite disgusting.

The film revolves around a weak actress who nobody will ever believe was a key part in the war room. Her acting reminds me of an anorexic model reject who is now listlessly floating around trying to figure out if she should get into porn. Her determination to find bin laden is never fully developed or understood. Is she just there cuz she doesn't want to lose the cia job that clearly she doesn't deserve? Is she just there so she can keep busy? Well the film tries to make her character into one that has a personal passion and a keep focused motivation to seek out bin Laden for over 10 years, but chastain's acting is a failure. When she says she wants to kill bin laden or when she describes herself as the motherfucker who found the building, it's cute and pathetic at the same time. Her emotional display only shows bigelow's attempt to out a soul into the execution of America's number one fugitive, and it is disgusting. I hate americans for making America's capture and killing of Bin laden into a film where a stupid American seems to be suffering from some repercussions of finally killing bin laden. Americans are like this! We always make us appear like victims after we've kicked ass using stealth helicopters.

The only people who really should be crying are the real americans who demonstrated and picketed in front of theaters to protest the release of this celebration of the killing of bin laden film. GODDAMN AMERICA! No more Kathryn Bigelow!!!!

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