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One of the Biggest Disappointments of the Summer Yet so Far

Reviewed by RPotter

After waiting 147 days until the midnight showing of The Last Airbender we finally saw the movie and it left us with nothing but disgust. Being a huge fan of the Nickelodean show and seeing the movie was the biggest disappointment for me. To make this simple, I noticed more negative things about the movie than positive which is a shame.

The Good: The martial arts in the movie was what made the movie at least somewhat good, and somewhat enjoyable. Now if you know the show well then you know that it doesn't take five minutes of martial arts to bend a gust of wind. Also, it made me a little upset that the director, M. Night Shyamalan, decided to have the fire benders bend from a source of fire rather than just being able to bend fire which is kind of the point. Again, I enjoyed the martial arts, but there are a few things I would change.

The Bad: Besides from the martial arts, The Bad resembles basically the entire movie. The movie was completely rushed which was the biggest downfall. For fans and fanatics out there that enjoy the show as much as I do I'm sure none of us would mind a 2 1/2 hour movie based on Avatar; for the M. Night Shyamalan to make the movie only 103 minutes long was completely unnecessary for an entire season. Another complaint focuses on the script where it didn't sound professional at all. I understand that it is difficult to write an entire movie based on everything that happens in the season, but these are professionals and they should be able to decide what to take out and what to keep in that still follows the storyline of the Nickelodean show; way too much was left out for this movie to follow, let alone to make any sense. I was disappointed that the actors didn't match their characters in the show. For instance, Sokka was too stiff and didn't possess any humor like the one in the show, or, Aang was too serious for a twelve year old kid. They sounded too scripted and none of the actors developed any change throughout the movie that made them interesting to watch. The actors themselves do have potential and I believe they can succeed with the parts they were given. It just seemed as if they didn't spend much time learning their character and the fact that they were not directed well enough. They do have potential and I hope to see them do better in the next movies. For M. Night Shymalan himself, I do not feel he fits the part for directing this movie. He obviously didn't do his research from the show because it honestly seemed like someone who watched the show sat down with Shyamalan and told him "to take notes". I don't have much to say for this director, but out of respect, I'd like him gone and I'd like a director who knows how to make a movie based on one of the greatest shows. I refuse to watch another The Last Airbender movie if I see his name again.

As a big, big fan of the show, I would not suggest this movie to any fans who haven't already seen this. It's not worth the time and money. For those that have seen this movie already, lets just hope that the upcoming Airbender movies are longer, better, make more sense, have better acting and better scripts, have more martial arts, and more of everything all of us expected this previous movie to have.

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