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Lincoln Lawyer Informal Review

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The Lincoln Lawyer entertained me entirely, and I give it 8/10 stars. It kept me on edge throughout the majority of the movie. The director, Brad Furman, did a great job of dropping subtle hints throughout the movie that swallowed you into the story. The thrilling story line follows Mick Haller (Matthew McConaughey), a defense attorney for the rugged low class criminals of California, who rolls up to court in the back of a classic Lincoln Town Car. In the story, Mick receives an unusual and suspicious client, Louis Roulet (Ryan Philippe). Roulet, a rich upper class real estate agent, has been accused of deadly assault and sexual battery, and claims he is completely innocent. Long story short, Mick rides his Lincoln through a twisted and thrilling case that forces him to rethink his past to save himself, his family, and his past clients.

The acting was much better than I expected. I’m a big fan of McConaughey, but lets face it, he’s had some weak films. However, as the tension and excitement build in this movie, Haller’s morals and values are tested to the breaking point, and McConaughey plays it perfectly. From intense court scenes, to desperation to do what’s right, and to drunken rage, McConaughey does it all. Philippe, who gives Roulet a dirty, suspicious, and high-class criminal personality that torments Mick, only compliments McConaughey’s acting. The acting as a whole is solid and creates an intense thriller.

It’s hard to find flaws in the movie, because so many factors help make this thriller movie great including: the solid acting, fitting music, the suspenseful and thrilling storyline, and the legit and intense courtroom scenes. However, I can think of two things that could be better. The flow in the beginning of the story, while introducing characters, is a little rough and sketchy. Also, the ending is good and fits the story completely, but it just doesn’t “wow” me. Regardless, both of these are hardly reason enough to not see the movie. It’s. An. Awesome. Movie. I really recommend it if you like thrillers, B.A. cars, and intense court scenes.

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