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An excellent movie which contains a lot of themes

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The movie "Twelve" by Joel Schumacher deals with drug addiction, violence and sex among teenagers. It's a movie version of the novel, which was written by Nick McDonell in 2002 with the same title. The main character White Mike sells drugs to young people from the Upper Eastside in New York. But suddenly the new drug "Twelve" appears and will change every behaviour of the characters, who loves to make partys and go out on a limb.

Joel Schumacher tries to introduce al lot of themes like "party", "drug addiction", "teenage problems", "sex/love" or "violence" and he has the power to combine every theme with the others. So the viewer has the chance to connect the themes and to realize what the story is about. Also the viewer can differentiate every act of the characters, so he has a good overview.

Secondly, the movie is easier to understand as the novel. I had seen the movie before I took the book, and I would call the movie as a great summary of the book, because only the important acts and thoughts of White Mike and the other characters are shown. In the book are so many characters you don't need to know. Besides Joel Schumacher decides scenes from the book, which are necessary for understanding the story. And he did a great job, I think.

Lastly, I think the decision of the actors is great. After I watched the movie and took the book, it was easier to combine a character with a real person. And the persons, who play the role of each character, had play it well!

In sum, I would say that Joel Schumacher had made a good movie, based on a novel. He only takes scenes which show the whole story and makes the viewer understand. Also, he choosed actors, who are qualified to play such a difficult role. All in all, the director made a good job and I like the movie.

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