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Wrath of the Giant...Bug...Thing?

Reviewed by Ryanmiller70

While the film does seem extremely similar to every other anime film, it's by no means bad. In fact, it's the best Dragonball Z film I've ever seen! The character development between Trunks and Tapion is well done and all the fights with Hirudegarn look epic. As for the humor, anyone that grew up with the original English Z will love it. It's exactly as funny as the show was. Really my only problem with the show is that Minosha, Tapion's brother, gets killed off within the first 10 seconds of the film. I believe that he could of been a bigger plot element, like Minosha helpping them out during the final Hirudegarn fight or something. Maybe Trunks connecting to Minosha rather than Tapion. Something along those lines would of been nice. But no. They decided to kill him off early just so they wouldn't have to deal with remembering him.

+Fights are really well done

+Relationship between Trunks and Tapion is touching at points

+Has all the humor from the show

-Minosha is killed off too early

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