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Most people thought "Quantum of Solace" was the worst James bond ever and very soon after that MGM went bankrupt.It wasn't in till this year that finally James Bond has truly returned.Now Daniel Craig is the best James Bond ever, but to add to my arrogant what makes craig's performance work is he seems like a realistic bond and skyfall shows the most of a realistic bond in this outing.Javier Bardem is the best part of the movie though his performance is jaw dropping and brilliant.Sam Mendes and John Logan really resurrect James Bond.Don't get me wrong there is some amazing set piece action sequences is what I Call the action in this film.You can tell by all the references and new leaps storyline elements added to a James bond film that the filmmakers for bond 23 actually cared.Cared enough to make great new villian and the screenplay.That is why I love this film.

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