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"Despicable Me" told a funny, sweet, self-contained story about a guy named Gru (Steve Carrell) who renounces villainy and embraces fatherhood...


Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment bring us the sequel to world hit 'Despicable Me', this film has delighted millions of people in 2010 and was the ten movie in the ranking in USA. In 2013 comes the second part and brings new surprises.

Despicable Me has left behind his malefic life because he wants to dedicate himself to be a father for Margo, Edith and Agnes. But then a big top secret organization (dedicated to evil fight) contacts him. He with his partner from adventure Lucy Wilde, must discover a malefic plan and presented in front of the justice.

This movie was created for the children of the family, but can be enjoyed for all family. The minions will rob smile to young and old people.

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