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You will be taken to sleep!

Reviewed by ShadowBish

This seqal was a prime example of film companys trying to make more money by making a second film. The plot in it's self lacked much of the shock and suspense in which the first film managed to grasp so well.

Secondly the rating of this film is a 12A which is another good example of the film company trying to make the big bucks! (as more people see 12's than higher ratings). This in it's self however would have not been a problem if it did not impacton the vieing experiance.This was not the case.In every fight scene my eyes were exposed to a series of mind aching flashes of the camera to avoid blood, furthermore in the scene when the mother is cut and hung upside down they cut away so fast that I didn't even know that they had cut her!

Finnaly the film in it's self was very poor and dragged on almost to the point of leaving near the end. However I do recomend that you see this film jst to make your own judgement on it.

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