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Rush Hour 2

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*The following Review contains minor spoilers; not enough to warrant a tag.*

Rush Hour 3 is no where near as bad as so many are saying it is, though it isn't very good either. The film has the same traditional set up you'll find in so many action movies. Important person gets shot, people look to find out who did it, they fall into something bigger than they thought and go on an adventure.

Remember the first two films in the franchise? Well, they're better, though not quite as pretty to look out (which seems to be Ratner's specialty).

If you like Chris Tucker then you're in luck because he's once again off the walls and if you can't stand him then maybe this film will be bearable for you; somehow he's able to not be very irritating in this film. Jackie Chan is great as usual and other new characters put on a fine performance. However, the cast isn't all fun; bad acting can be seen coming from Youki Kudoh and Jingchu Zhang, who play the bad girl and Soo Yung respectively.

Rush Hour 3 has some good action, though it's usually below the quality of an average Jackie Chan film and there is one cool death. During the time in between these scenes (of which there is usually few) there is okay comedy with occassional honest laughs and a story that's not far from an excuse to make a new movie.

Don't get me wrong, this film is fun enough if you're with your friends and enjoyable to a certain degree (though I had low expectations, so I can't speak to anyone without them), but if you have the opportunity then skip this and go see 'Superbad' instead; this will be on HBO eventually.

In conclusion, Rush Hour 3 is fun for a little while, but that's about it and it gets 1 and a half stars from me (2, on this site).


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