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Spurlock the corporate whore

Reviewed by Stavy

If you would like to watch one and a half hours of commercials, you might like this movie. Otherwise, AVOID this boring shell of a documentary that is far to light on any real insight into the world of marketing and advertising.

With little entertainment value, this 'film' seems to hold nothing more for the viewer.

A good majority of the movie seems to be about Spurlock begging corporations for advertising dollars to make this piece of fluff. Morgan obviously decided when writing this film that he would bend over and pull his pants down for any company willing to shove a few dollars in his mouth so that they too could get a piece of him.

Congratulations Morgan, you too have shown that you will sell your artistic, intellectual and ethical values for a few bucks just like any other idiot one hit wonder pop star selling cola or cars.

I do realize the irony of what Spurlock intended to show in his film but my problem with what he has done in this movie is that he has shown his audience conclusive evidence that he (and his films) can be bought and sold to the highest bidder.

How are we ever to trust anything Morgan ever makes or writes again? How do the audiences of his future films know weather or not his seemingly objective take on topics are not changed by advertising dollars?

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