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Bullock and McCarthy at Their ABSOLUTE Best!

Reviewed by Picture Tyler Ward Asberry

It's no surprise that this movie will be a cinematic hit to audiences 17+, and even to select teens who are allowed to view R rated movies. Despite the strong language/drug & alcohol references/sexual themes, the movie is very funny and very appealing.
From the start of the movie the audience is hooked, as Bullock's character is introduced; an uptight, very proper, and clearly an "I-know-everything" "best-of-the-best" FBI agent who wins every single case in crime, and ts the bad guys away. Going for promotion, her attitude is cocky, she knows she's going to get it by a long shot, until her boss tells her she isn't getting it because of her attitutde. He then tells her to take down a powerful drug lord, and they can talk about a promotion.
arthy, the very comedy of the whole film. A rugged, tough, cruddy car driving cop, who takes down the bad guys with physical force. Every line spoken is something to chuckle at or roll in your seat late

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