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Holly Molly... where in the world can I even start with this terror of a movie?!

With acting from the famed Sandra Bullock and the sexy Nip/Tuck star Julian McMahon, you would think Premonition would be an automatic hit! But, unfortunately, it came nowhere close!

What a shame for a movie that sounded like it could have been a blockbuster! With a story that a first glance sounded interesting, you were only left scratching your head after the first few scenes.

Where did the story go wrong here?! A woman who is devastated by her husband’s death, is thrown back in time where she has to unscramble the days leading up to his tragic accident. Sounds like an interesting story right?? Well, unfortunately, the direction of the film was so bad, that you couldn’t follow the days, which were not profound enough to begin with. Then, random characters like Peter Stormare (who is typically a great actor in shows like "Prison Break"), are thrown into the mix, who leave the film more confused than it should be!

As horrible as the film itself was, the end of this movie was by far the killer of the film! After all Bullock's character went through, in the end her husband still dies (was the scene with his head falling off really necessary by the way?), but the movie is not done there! Bullock's character is shown laying down in her boxed up home, only for her to stand with a *GASP* pregnant belly! Which I suppose was suppose to signify that it was worth it for her to go through the past "week" of her husband’s death in the order that it did.

My take on it? BOLOGNA! It was terrible, terrible, and TERRIBLE!! There was nothing good about this movie!... So sad!

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