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Oliver Nakache and Èric Toledano are the directors of “Intouchables”, which is played in Paris and based on a true story. It is a movie about friendship between two guys who are very different. Phillipe (François Cluzet) loved extreme sports, especially paragliding, but since an accident he is disabled and at the beginning of the movie he searches a new live-in carer.

After being six months in jail, Driss (Omar Sy) needs three signatures to prove that he searched for a job to still get his unemployment benefit.

Phillipe takes Driss as his ne w live-in carer and it seems first that this idea was not a good one. Although Driss often forgets that Phillipe is disabled (Driss tilts hot tea on Phillips leg to be sure that he really is) his job is not cancelled. It comes to a friendship between the men because Driss does not care about Phillipe’s handicap and Driss’ criminal past is not important for the widower Phillipe.

Unfortunately, there is no drama in the movie, some irrelevant scenes are played too long and the characters are stereotypes (criminal dark-skinned man and rich white guy). However, the music is chosen greatly, the song “Fly” by Ludovico Einaudi touches every heart and the actors shine in their roles. We are sure that the great view around Paris is another reason why the movie is one of the most successfully produced in France.

Although there are very good scenes and only some things can be criticized, something could be done a little bit better like to cut off some scenes. Nevertheless, “The Intouchables” makes everyone feel good who watches it. To sum up, we recommend it to everyone who likes films with happy endings.

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