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The Dark Knight

Reviewed by WrldsGr8estKssr

Its seems the whole world has gone ga-ga over this film and for the life of me I dont see why. Its HAS TO BE that one of the stars of the film is dead. It simply has to be! Ive always been one to go against the grain, and here I go again.en pretty much every record a film can break. I thought the story was lame (despite the talk of how its subliminally parelleling the Bush administration... a joke), the voice the Dark Knight spoke in irritated me and the only very good or 'awe' factor in the film was the visual of the Dent charactor. Its amazing what hollywood can do on film.

Lets see.... there was the most unattractive leading lady ever, which for me was another turn off. Not a big fan of Bale as the Caped Crusader but he was to comment on Heath Ledger's portrayal of Joker. He was ok also. Might even say good. But all this hype and praise? I think not. Again that had to be cause he's dead. There are a few actors that might play a better Joker than Nicholas... but Ledger isnt one of them.

Overall the film was "C" caliber in my book. Why is it over 400M and still going if its only average? Its Batman for one and people of all kinds will see it... old, young, man, woman... but most importantly.. lots and lots of kids!!

That was my 2 cents.

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