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Brand reaching new heights - of utter rubbish

Reviewed by Yido

When I seen the trailers for this movie I have to admit that I expected a lot from it. When I eventually got round to seeing it I have to admit that I was disappointed. The entire story line of the film is quite random and boring to be perfectly honest. The plot doesnt have any real flow to it and some of the scenes in the film can be described as completely stuipd. The attenpts at humour throughout the film which should really have been its strong points are again disappointing as they are nothing but crude, disgusting and predictable. The ending of the story is again a let down and by the time the ending credits came up I had already contimplated trying to escape from this disaster of a movie at least twice! All in all Get him to the Greek is a extremely disapointing movie with the least amount of actually funny scenes I have ever experienced in a "comedy film".

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