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one of those that make you wonder

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okay first of all i have to admit, when i first saw the trailer i was one of those who wondered how controversial it might know the very thought of hunting humans for game. i never read the book so didnt know what to think, but much to my surprise i found it very interesting.

the main character katniss everdeen played by jennifer lawrence sort of kept you sucked into the plot, it wasnt too obvious to me what the outcome might be so that was really good. and as with most movies these days CGI played a big role in the development of the scenery as a whole , this sometimes bothers me as overdoing it makes great movies appear substandard at times.

Nonetheless, the hunger games has a lot to offer and i highly recommend it to all. watch out of donald sutherland in the movie, although he appears only a handful of times, he renders a great performance in a way only he can.

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