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You have to see this movie !;)

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You have to see this movie !;)

The movie �twelve� is directed by Joal Schumacher and deals with drug addiction, violence and sex wealthy Manhattan teenagers. Also the movie is issued in the USA in 2010.

The main character in the film is White Mike which is a very successful drug dealer, since his mother died. He never take drugs or something like this but he sells a lot of this. White Mike does not want to sells the drug twelve because it is a very dangerous drug. Also his girl friend Molly does not know about Mikes real life.

The movie shows a lot of addicted teenagers and there problems. At the end of the movie every think get out of control!

I think it is a good joys to see the movie because the movie is much easier to understand than the novel.

A positive aspect for this is, that the characters feelings getting much clearly in the Movie. Joal Schuhmacher creates this with the atmosphere and the camera movements. In a lot of moments he choose the extrema close up to show the feelings in the characters faces.

One negative aspect is that the novel have more details and some scene get more clearly with the details.

Also the shoos of the accouters are very good. The actors present the characters of the book very well and shows there emotions very good.

To sum it up I would say that the film is worth seeing and maybe it is a good way to show teenagers how dangerous drugs are ;)

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