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Nightmare on Elm street (2010) review

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I must say that Freddy Kruger series never get old. At least not for me. I've seen the movie only yesterday and it gave away a good impression. It was thrilling, there were some jumping points and it had a good story line.

What's not to like?

The effects were amazing and everything looked professional and legit. Great contrast between light and dark, really loved that part. The acting was also well done, except I do have to mention that the original Freddy played by Robert Englund was done a bit better. Don't get me wrong Jackie Earle Haley had done an amazing job, filled people with terror but I guess some things just shouldn't be changed.

The costumes were OK for the most part and I know that the designers and directors tried to make the burning face of Freddy more real, but I think it ruined his whole appearance. But honestly, we got to try new things in life and it seems that this one did not work out as planned. So still A+ for effort!

Anyway, the film was done really well with lots of great and gory details! So go see it folks, you might just be surprised!

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