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"Never question who I am God knows and I know god personally" this is a quote from Ray Joshua played by Saul Williams in the movie Slam written by Marc Levin. Ray is a talented poet raised in the ghetto of Washington D.C. While hanging with his friends one of his close friends was shot, police started to arrive and his automatic response was to run. The police arrested him and found a quarter pound of marijuana which landed him in jail temporally. During his jail time over viewed the everyday life he notices that it was not right and wanted to change. All his friends in and out of jail wanted to fight back the people who shot the friend. Ray said that fighting is not the answer and to move on for the better. Also Ray met a woman who did a writing class in jail. When Ray got out of jail she showed him slam poetry to express himself and a different view of what else is out in the world.

In the film it shows how African American are still being judged and brought up in a poor community with lack of knowledge. Ray's everyday life seems natural to him and the community but in reality it is not. When selling drugs is a felony is it not for him, he sees that selling marijuana is not a crime. He believes that he should not be charged when there are many other people who kill and do much worse things to the community. Selling drugs is a way for him to survive in his community, to make money and sever others for what they need.

We can learn from the choices we make or our surroundings. The movie is one of the examples, it shows a poor community and how their life is is to survive. By showing Ray's life and his choices shows how someone can change and make a better decision for themselves and community. It's never too late to change your mind and to express yourself in a different way. Rays slam expressed others how he felt and his thoughts about what is going around. It can help other and give knowledge to make a better understanding, communication and choices. The movie is interesting and we can relate to it very well. We can learn from and have a better view of other people.

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