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Vantage Point

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The movie vantage point was a decent thriller. It has action, suspense and
foreshadowing. The movie overall was well done and the actors really meshed well. In all of the points of view, you have to take n a new relationship and analyze how that was going to be a part of the movie. The writers were excellent because they keep us hanging on the characters every word to understand what is going on. I like those movies that keep you guessing and get you involved by trying to figure out what will happen next. Vantage poit is one of those movies you have to pay close attention and if you do not you will miss something. The performance by the actors was very good. I do like how you get to see the point of view of more then just one person. It was surprising to me when I found out who was behind the whole thing. I think though it had to be someone on the inside or the movie would have not worked. I liked how there were no random parts everything belonged. I was disappointed when I did not find out more about the relationship between some of the characters. Such as the policeman and his girlfriend. However, I guess in a way its ok because if you knew everything then it would not be as interesting. Over all I thought Vantage Point was a top action packed movie.

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