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The Hunger Games, there are only few words to sum it up. Incomplete, boring..more word i could think of but this movie is definitely one of the worst movie i ever watch.

I've actually read the book and those, oh man, there are awesome. Very few book ever caught my attention, but the contents was just awesome.

Back to the movie, if i haven't read the book before, i wold be clueless of what is actually happening, characters come and go, no character buildup exist(not even one of the best character in the book, Rue) and even if there was, it was weak. What made the story so attractive in my opinion was what is going on in Katniss head, Which, the Director/ playwright didnt even try to include in the movie.

I could go on and on about this only to say that this wasn't worth and money and trip to watch (even if the theatre was a road across from you house)

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